How to use Chaturbate

This way to the german version.

I would like to explain here how to use Chaturbate because I have the impression that new visitors are amazed to see so many interesting naked people with their legs spread,
but soon they have no more interest, because somehow nothing happens and because it somehow comes across as boring, you don’t want to spend any money at first.

But if you spend a little more time on Chaturbate, you realize that it is more than just a page that you go for look for hot cams, watch, satisfy yourself and leave.

As a guest, you can see all users who are online or also view the profiles of Chaturbaters when they are offline.
But it begins to get interesting when you have found your favorites.
Then at least, the time has come when you should register for free, because you they you can the Chaturbater that you personally like.
So when you visit the website again, you have an overview of who is currently online.

Ok, but what now. Now you are registered and have found some favorite Chaturbaters.

Now you can settle for it or take your experience to a new level.
You can buy a small "token" package for a few dollars or euros.
Token is the currency of the Chaturbaters. As soon as you have a token, you can write messages in the chat.

This is what a Chaturbater cam with chat usually looks like. (The one embedded here is the current Top CAM, just take it as an example.)

On the left you can see the chaturbater and on the right the chat.
Under the window you can usually see how many tokens the Chaturbater has already received.
In the chat on the right, there is always a list of how much tokens a certain action costs.
Many also give the actor individual tokens as a tip or symbol as a small thank you for their show.
Some Chaturbaters offer something like a "happy ending" as soon as a certain amount of tokens has been reached.
And others also offer private shows. The "prices" are individual.
Top chaturbaters usually ask for more than beginners. Some do it just for the sake of it. But it is rather rare.

In any case, it is more fun and more stimulating if you can write a message to the person. For example how good she / he or he looks today.

But apart from chatting, you can also become a Chaturbater yourself and earn money..

If you chaturbate, you naturally set the rules yourself and can block unfriendly users.
You can stand in front of the camera in a completely recognizable manner or even present parts of yourself to remain anonymous.
And if you have registered as a chaturbater, you can of course also have the tokens paid out.

It has a bit of exhibitionism about it. The feeling of practicing the idea of ​​being naked and excited in public.
If you find something arousing, it's definitely something you should try. It's not illegal on Chaturbate. And you can see how many people are watching you. And some will also "talk" to you.

How much you earn will depend on how you present yourselve. Whether and how you respond to users. How long you have been online a day and how long you have been with them.
At the beginning, the focus should be on fun and the new experience. Don't expect to earn hundreds of dollars or euros day one.
You enjoy sexual games. Do you like to play with anonymous viewers? Then you should give it a try.

Maybe a little note about behavior at Chaturbate.
One should already have behaved. Knowing verbal abuse is inappropriate, unless the Chaturbater has made it clear that he / she / they don't mind or even up front.
Usually, however, this leads to immediate blocking.

I hope I was able to make you understand a little how to use Chaturbate, so that it is fun and not boring because it feels like the same users are always online. ;-)

Happy Chaturbating !